White Tea & Ginger Poppy Soap

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Scented with a Sultry, but soothing allure of White Tea and Ginger, this chunky, round soap is sure to delight the senses with expressions of Citrusy Bergamot, Floral Peony, Spicy Ginger, Tart Lemon and Musk notes!  Not to mention it is FULL of nourishing, Plant-Based Oils & Butters to gently cleanse the skin. 

It is swirled with added Zinc Oxide and Kaolin Clay and tastefully mottled with gentle exfoliating Poppy seeds

Because of the nature of an exclusive, handmade product, you may find slight variations of color or design in each individual bar of soap. This adds uniqueness, integrity and beauty to each Handcrafted bar of soap that you purchase. Please be assured that each bar is created using small, proprietary-recipe batch sizes to promote and preserve the quality of our line. Our batches are made using controlled amounts of specific ingredients and blends to ensure quality and consistency.