Skull Bath Bomb "DropDead Gorgeous" PEAR BERRY SCENTED Bath Bombs Bath Fizzies Bathbomb

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These Lovely, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Bath Bomb Skulls are the Perfect Gift for that beautiful someone!

These Hefty, Solid Beauties are packed with Clay, Spa Salt, Colloidal Oatmeal, Diatomaceous Earth and Cream of Tartar for a hard bomb that will make your bath truly a Hauntingly unforgettable experience!

This Bath Bomb is scented in Pear Berry.  An intoxicatingly sweet and floral scent that certainly will NOT disappoint!  This fragrance makes my mouth water when I make these. They are decorated with Crushed Dark Red Rose Petals, and 1 Delicate Pink Rose Bud.

Buy 1 or buy many! We make these to order, so that your Delightfully Indulgent Skull Bath Bomb(s) come to you fresh and ready to envelop your skin with conditioning ingredients and a Sweet, Fruity Scent that is absolutely To Die For!