Sugar Scrub Lemon Poppy and Shea Butter

Sugar Scrub Lemon Poppy and Shea Butter

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Lemon Poppy Emulsified Sugar Scrub 

It's one of our finest, most luxurious products in the shop! It is reminiscent of Tart and Tangy Lemon Curd blended with a spritz of Almond Marzapan, and sprinkled with Poppy Seeds! This Amazing Sugar Scrub is colored with the happiest color on the palette! 

Our Sugar Scrubs are not a random bunch of oils, sugars, and fragrances! They are carefully and lovingly crafted with a unique blend and balance of Beautiful Ingredients: 

• Granulated Sugar

• Clean, Ecocert and NATURAL Emulsifier

• LOCAL Beeswax

• Organic Cocoa Butter

• Shea Butter

• Avocado Oil

• Jojoba Oil (wax)

• Argan Oils

• Vitamin E

• High Quality Deluxe Fragrance Blends 

• Paraben & Formaldehyde FREE Preservative 


You will find that our scrubs are a super indulgent skin treat and are very effective when massaged over the skin. When water is added, OH MY!! The scrub's texture and feel turn into a beautiful creamy, lotion-like consistency and rinses off effortlessly, exposing clean, fresh, non-greasy, moisturized skin.

This is Sugar Coated Self-Love at its SWEETEST!