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Prickly Pear Oil Gel Serum with Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

Prickly Pear Oil Gel Serum with Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

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Prickly Pear Oil Gel Serum with Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is a very unique skin care product that provides incredible radiance and moisture to the face and neck.  

It helps to soften fine lines and reduce the appearance of aging.  Can be used on the back of the hands too!

Please read the benefits of each ingredient that is listed below. 


Camellia Seed Oil

Camellia Sinensis~ A very light, easily absorbed, non-comedogenic oil from the Camellia Plant that provides the skin with protection from free radicals.  It helps to rejuvenate, regenerate and soothe the skin, especially on the face, where it can also help to smooth out fine lines. 

Olive Squalane Oil

A cruelty free, Olive-based, Luxuriously light and non-comedogenic oil that helps to safeguard the skin from pollutants and free radicals.  It is a very stable, lubricating and silky soft oil that absorbs readily into the skin without a greasy feel.  This oil also helps to replenish the delicate skin on the face, reducing the signs of aging.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil

A fine and exotic plant-based oil from the origins of Mexico and Morocco.  This oil is highly prized for its abundance of vitamins K, E & A, high levels of oleic and  linoleic acid, and phenols.  It is purported to provide intensive protection against free radicals. This oil is richly textured, but light, easily absorbed and non-comedogenic.  It has a fruity scent that comes from the seed source of the cactus. About a ton of fruit is required to produce a very small amount of this oil, hence the cost.  

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

The Beautiful Orange hue of this Oil Gel is directly attributed to the Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil.  This oil is full of Omega Fatty acids that are responsible for skin regeneration and repair.  Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  This oil is wonderful for aging skin and can benefit sufferers of eczema and psoriasis.  


An ester of Beeswax, Polyglycerol-3 (Cera Bellina Wax), is a very common skin care ingredient that is used to thicken formulas without creating a tacky feel.  In the case of our Prickly Pear Oil Gel, we include it in our formula because of the unique way that it turns our beautiful oils into a stable, gel-like serum for ease of application without the tacky feel that you could get from beeswax or other waxes.  Polyglycerol-3 helps to impart a very smooth, glossy texture and light, buttery feel to this formula that you will just love!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a very powerful fat-soluble antioxidant oil that provides stability and nutrient-dense properties to our Oil Gel.  It nourishes and soothes the skin, and helps to facilitate healing, by reducing the appearance of scars and keloidal tissues.  Vitamin E helps to prevent rancidity of our precious oils, and prolongs the shelf life of this product.  We bottle our Oil Gel in 1 oz glass pump containers to prevent cross-contamination and wasted product, as a very little of the gel goes a long way. 

Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Essential Oil comes from the skin (zest) of Oranges (Citrus sinensis).  We chose this Essential Oil due to its high amount of anti-oxidating vitamin c.  It provides antibacterial properties and fights off free radicals.  Sweet Orange Oil is known to tighten pores and reduce sagging skin.  Its Bright and Beautifully uplifting Citrus scent is well-known to reduce stress, and boost immunity.  Its scent along with the color of the Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil perfectly round out our Oil Gel formula.  

This product will NOT provide protection from the sun!  Always use sunblock when exposed to the sun, snow or overcast.  This product is intended for use as a nighttime facial moisturizer, or for use while remaining indoors after application.

The texture of the Oil Gel may become more thick in a colder environment, or thin out in a warmer environment.  It will not separate.  Please protect from direct sunlight.  


Our Oil Gels are perfect for Gua Sha and Myofascial Massage Treatments