Emulsified Sugar Scrubs

Emulsified Sugar Scrubs

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Emulsified Sugar Scrubs. Yes, please! 

Do you like soft, supple, and refreshed skin? Does the thought of an all-over, exfoliating, inexpensive, skin massaging treatment sound good to you? Try one of our Emulsified Sugar Scrubs, and you will experience ALL of that, and come out of the shower feeling REEAAALLY AMAZING! There is no soap in our Sugar Scrubs, but the way our scrubs are formulated and designed, they exfoliate dead skin, dirt, debris and excess oils away from your body, and because they are emulsified, when water hits them, and you continue to massage in circular motions, you will activate the combination of our luxurious ingredients into a lotion-like consistency, that feels pretty awesome. Our Sugar Scrubs rinse away, but leave your skin feeling nurtured, clean, fresh and incredibly moisturized, without feeling greasy. *As with any bath or shower product, use caution when using any oil-based product.

Our Emulsified Sugar Scrubs have a generous amount of Hemp Oil in them that is truly something special for the skin. We also include Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter, mixed in with Emulsifying Wax, to bring it all together. In some we sprinkle in a few herbs or green tea, poppy seeds and/or micas. You can even use this product GENTLY on your face. It contains no SOAP, bubbling agents or surfactants. We do add a few chunks of Sea Salt to our Cardiff Scrub, for aesthetics. 

If you are a mechanic, or know one, gift them a container of this Sugar Scrub! It will help to break up set-in motor oil, grease, sap, tar and grime the very first time they use it! MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE, SAFE AND GENTLE than using harsh degreasers and chemicals only offered to them in the mechanic shops.

*Disclaimer: If you are not a fan of soft, smooth and hydrated hands, skin and feet, we don't recommend that you indulge yourself in this fabulous body treat; and that you only purchase it as a gift for someone you know who wants a luxurious, inexpensive body polish.

This product is sulfate, pthalate, formaldehyde and paraben free.

Although ALL of our Sugar Scrubs are Emulsified, they can still make your shower or bathtub floor slippery, especially while using a product on the feet. Please use caution when exiting the shower or tub after using any oil-based product. We recommend either sitting while scrubbing and rinsing, or use a wash cloth to stand on while exfoliating.

This product is made on demand to ensure freshness and to extend shelf life.  Please allow 3-4 days for me to personally create this item with love,  prior to shipping.