Bath Bombs Honeysuckle & Calendula Jelly Bath Bombs

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Our Gorgeously Fragrant Honeysuckle & Calendula Foaming, Jelly Bath Bombs awaken the senses but also really set the mood for a very relaxing and soothing bath.  Scented in the sweet aroma of Honeysuckle and Adorned with the beautiful yellow flower petals of Marigold.

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Made with our signature VEGAN blend of Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Coconut Milk, Cream of Tartar, Clay, Colloidal Oatmeal, Seaweed Extracts, and Botanical Oil to soften, soothe, and lightly moisturize the skin. Then they are adorned with Calendula Petals and Himalayan Salt (NOTE: We use a scant amount of Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, a Mild, Coconut-Derived Foaming ingredient, used in most Baby cleansing formulas and shampoos).  

We only scent our products with Paraben and Pthalate Free Fragrance and/or Essential Oils. Our Bath Bombs are perfectly scented. 

  • Honeysuckle & Calendula Jelly Bath Bombs

Please note that our bath bombs are packed tightly, and include a very generous helping of Skin Nourishing Oils and Coconut Milk.  They won't bounce around and fizzle out within seconds like typical bath bombs, but I promise you, that your bath will be a spa-like experience, soaking in the oils, tea, clays, extracts and milk; reveling in your beautiful bath water and fragrances. 

Our Jelly Bath Bombs are made to disperse their fragrance and skin-softening ingredients slowly, by foaming, gelling and fizzing evenly throughout your bath.  Our Bath Bombs will not stain you or your tub. 


Men, women and children love our bath bombs, and we think you should really treat yourself to any one or a combination of our beautiful Bombs.

Each bomb is 4 oz and individually packaged and labeled.

This product is made on demand to ensure freshness and to extend shelf life.  Please allow 3-4 days for me to personally create this item with love,  prior to shipping.