Gentle Solid Conditioning Bar

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  • Gentle Conditioning for All Hair Types 
  • TSA Approved for travel
  • Zero Waste
  • Eco~Friendly product
  • Compostable Packaging ♻️
  • Pthalate and Paraben Free
  • Lasts up to 70 washes
  • Natural Fragrance

The Perfect Accompaniment to our Luxurious Shampoo Bars. 

Gentle Conditoning from these 2oz Long-Lasting Bars means no drag and no heavy residue that will weigh down fine or thin hair.  Once you rub these Conditioning Bars with water, you will immediately feel the slippery conditioning ingredients activate! They will lightly but effectively  condition your hair strands with:

Broccoli Seed Oil ~ A Luxurious, Silky Plant Based Oil that conditions, reduces fly-aways, moisturizes and protects the hair; leaving a beautiful shine, without weighing hair down.  

Argan Oil ~ Considered Liquid Gold for the hair! This thick, beautiful oil is reputed to be rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that lubricate and moisturize the hair, while protecting the shaft, preventing dry hair and reducing splitends. Argan Oil is also purported to help prevent hair loss and fortify the Scalp if hair loss or thinning is already an issue. 

DL-Panthenol ~ Is known to improve hydration to the hair and skin, by supporting an environment for new hair growth, encouraging cell-turnover to help improve the skin's ability to heal. DL-Panthenol really makes a huge difference in the Conditioning feel of lotion, shampoo and conditioners. 

Cocoa Butter ~ really nourishes the hair and smooths the hair shaft.  It improves the overall condition of hair and scalp, and leaves a beautiful sheen.  The amount of Cocoa Butter used in these Conditioner Bars is balanced enough where it won't weigh down thin or fine hair.  It is a beautiful addition to our formula. 

Coconut Oil ~ Oh, the endless uses for Coconut Oil! In our formula, it helps prevent dry, flaky scalp and can help reduce dandruff and flyaway, while adding moisture and protection from our damaging environment.  Coconut Oil is know to have antibacterial and antifungal properties, and we find it perfectly suited for our conditioner bars. 

Behentrimonium Methosulfate and Cetyl Alcohol ~ Our Plant-Based Conditioning Emulsifier Combination which are anti-static, conditioning ingredients.  They are part of the foundation of our conditioner bars that help suspend all of our Luxurious Conditioning ingredients in a convenient, hard bar that can last up to 70 or more washes! These ingredients are necessary to emulsify the oils, Butters and other luxurious additives so that they can work into the hair and also rinse away, without leaving residue or build up.