Bath Bomb Espresso Coffee, Bathbombs, Bath Fizzy, Bath Fizzies

Bath Bomb Espresso Coffee, Bathbombs, Bath Fizzy, Bath Fizzies

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Our Deep, Rich and Bold Espresso Coffee, Foaming Jelly Bath Bombs smell so incredible! It is an IN YOUR FACE True, Espresso Coffee Fragrance. This isn't a sweet, chocolatey latte-type fragrance...just pure, Fresh Brewed, Dark Espresso! It is almost enough to satisfy your caffeine craving!

The Espresso Coffee Jelly Bath Bombs are made with Ground Coffee, Coffee-Infused Botanical Oil, Clay, Colloidal Oatmeal, Coconut Milk and Seaweed Extracts. They are also adorned with Real Costa Rican Arabica Coffee Beans. This Bath Bomb is the perfect gift for either yourself or someone you care about who is a Coffee Fanatic or Connoisseur!

We only scent our products with Paraben and Pthalate Free Fragrance and/or Essential Oils.

Men, women and children love our bath bombs, and we think you should really treat yourself to any one or a combination of our beautiful Bombs.

These particular Espresso Coffee Bath Bombs make wonderfully effective room deodorizers as well. 

Each bomb is 4oz and individually packaged and labeled. We also make our products to order, to ensure freshness and to maintain the integrity of our high-quality ingredients. These Espresso Coffee Jelly Bath Bombs will not make you smell like Coffee all day.