Cotton Wash Cloths 100% American Cotton, Handcrafted

Cotton Wash Cloths 100% American Cotton, Handcrafted

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These 100% Cotton Wash Cloths are approximately 8"X8" and are super soft for use on the body and face.  They are lovingly made by my Beautiful Peruvian Mother In Law, and make excellent and very thoughtful gifts for new mothers, babies, friends, family, or office gifts for "Secret Santa" parties! I'd even recommend getting a couple to keep as a special gift just for you!

The edges of these Wash Cloths are finished off to make a more pleasing appeal. If you're like me, you have a stack of "special" cloths near the bath JUST FOR GUESTS, and these beautiful, handmade cloths will make your guests feel pampered and quite impressed! They make excellent little perks for Bed and Breakfast Locales, or can be wrapped with a special soap for the perfect gift.

While we use 100% Cotton, we take into consideration that cotton can shrink when washed and dried under high temperatures, so we opt to make our Cloths slightly larger to accommodate for shrinkage, but we do recommend that they get washed with like colors, in cool or warm water, and then either fluff-dried or laid out to air dry.

Our Crocheted Wash Cloths come in Natural (Beige), Tan, Olive Green, and Peach/Orange and Chocolate and Cream