Body Wash, Sea Buckthorn Body Wash

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"SUNSHINE" Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil Body Wash. . .

This Beautiful, Naturally Colored Body Wash is made with 100% Pure Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil and a Bright, Cheerful and Sunshiny Essential Oil Blend that really can brighten your mood! Did you know that Orange Essential Oil has been purported to improve the mood of those suffering from depression and anxiety? The Beautiful Orange color of this body wash is totally natural, thanks to the impressive deep hue from the Sea Buckthorn Oil and the Orange Essential Oil! Seriously, who wouldn't be happy breathing in a little Sunshine during their shower?

A quarter-sized amount of this Body Wash on a shower pouf is really all you need to wash your entire body. It is concentrated to last much longer than traditional, store bought body washes, saving on packaging and waste. These containers are 100% recyclable or RE-USABLE! If you can get these containers with the lid, back to me, thoroughly cleaned out, I will sanitize your container, refill with a FRESH body wash for you for $8 AND ship it back to you for FREE! . .

This Body Wash and my Sea Buckthorn Body Balm would make a GREAT PAIRING for a gift!