Beeswax Wraps Pack of 3 Cats and Dragonflies

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This is a set of 3 Reusable, Eco-Friendly, 100% Compostable Beeswax Wraps that will help you reduce the amount of disposable plastic wrap that you use in your household!


You will receive an 8"x8" wrap that is perfect for small bowls, wide mouth jars, cut up fruits or vegetables and snacks!  You'll  find a 12"x12" wrap for medium to large bowls, sandwiches and perfect for covering the cut end of a small to medium watermelon.  This size is also great for picnics!  Our Large 13"x14" wrap makes covering casserole dishes or large bowls a breeze! The Large wrap is an excellent choice for family-sized salads or potato chip bowls.

Beeswax Wraps are a smart, eco-aware choice to minimize the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfills!  They can keep your fruits and vegetables fresher longer, and are refrigerator and freezer safe. 


Beeswax Wraps are Easy To Use, last up to and exceeding a year with Normal use, and they are super easy to clean with cool water and mild dish soap, and air dry.   They can simply store flat or folded up in a drawer.  


We are working on becoming a more sustainable, earth-friendly company, and the Beeswax Wraps are the perfect accompaniment to our home goods product line and mission!  The Packaging for this product is 100% Recycled, Post-Consumer Paper, and the labels are laser printed, 100% recycled material.  When you retire your wraps, they can be upcycled into camping or grill firestarters, or simply thrown into your compost bin! They are made with 100% Cotton, Pure Beeswax, Pine Resin, and Jojoba Oil.


Beeswax Wraps are not suitable or designed to wrap hot foods or dishes. Do Not use to wrap raw meat.