Blue Chamomile Clay Cleansing Balms, Oil Cleansing, Non Soap, Clay Mask, Cleansing Clay Balms

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This Blue Chamomile Cleansing Clay Balm helps to pull dirt, oil and makeup away from the face; dissolving and trapping impurities and is easily rinsed away.

Cleansing Clay Balm does not strip your face or make it taught or squeaky clean. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed, clean and dewy.

This Clay Cleansing Balm does not contain any detergents, surfactants or soap and works off the unorthodox, but very sensible, oil-cleansing method...with a kick! AND IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY!

Rub a nickel-size amount between fingertips to warm and spread over face, massaging gently in circular motions. Add a small amount of warm water to fingertips  and continue to gently massage over face until the clay balm turns into a creamy, luxurious, lotion-like consistency. You can leave the clay cleanser on the face for 5 minutes to detox and pull excess dirt and oils away from face, or you can wipe away the balm immediately with a clean, damp cloth.  A moisturizer isn't really necessary after using the cleansing clay balm, but you may apply your favorite light face cream if it is a part of your routine. Your face will feel smooth, clean and refreshed! 

Due to the nature of our natural products that are made to order, variations in color or tone of the product may vary from batch to batch. 

4 oz.