Bath Bomb Bath Fizzies Lemon Rose Jelly Bath Bombs

Bath Bomb Bath Fizzies Lemon Rose Jelly Bath Bombs

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These Chubby Foaming and Fizzing Bath Bombs are the perfect accompaniment to any bath time, turning a boring bath into a spa-like experience!

Made with Skin-Moisturizing Organic High-Oleic Safflower Oil, Clays, Coconut Milk, Seaweed Extract and Colloidal Oatmeal. These beautiful, Plump Jelly Bath Bombs create a beautiful thin layer of creamy foam and a skin-loving, moisturizing gel, and are scented with a gorgeous scent combination!  

Our Bath Bombs are not cheap fizzing pucks of seltzer and color that fizzle out within minutes after immersing in water.  They slowly foam up and fizz, releasing Moisturizing Gel, Skin-Loving Oils, Botanicals and Soothing Additives.   Each Bath Bomb is made by hand and individually weighed.  We take pride in our products and it shows by the quality ingredients that we choose to incorporate into every single small batch. You can  see all of the wonderful, nourishing additives we pack into each jelly bath bomb as it fizzes and foams, and your skin will know it right of way!  These Jelly Bath Bombs can float and foam well over 20 minutes!  It isn't just a bath time, with our bath's a BATH EXPERIENCE! 

Buy one for yourself or get one for a special friend who could use a little love. A gift of one of our Chunky Jelly Bath Bombs says it all!

(Please note that your bath bomb may be adorned or blended with decorative skin-safe, aluminum-free micas and dyes).